by Mkting Opango

8 Important Steps to Launching Your eLearning Program

Creating an eLearning course or program isn’t difficult, but there are recommended steps in making sure your efforts are successful.  While there are additional steps that we can help guide you through, these are the 8 most important:

  1. Do a needs analysis
    What are the goals for the program? Why does your audience need this training?
  2. Know your audience
    Understand your audience’s existing knowledge, technical capabilities, why they need this training, and their basic demographics.
  3. Create the right content for the right audience
    Focus on content that is important to your audience – targeted, relevant, concise.
  4. Choose your Authoring Tool (this is how your content is turned into an eLearning course)
    The Opango platform works with all the top industry authoring tools.
  5. Create the course
    Make sure the course achieves your goals while properly representing your brand in look and feel, and user experience.
  6. Fine tune and publish
    Before going live, have employees and trusted associates test the program for quality of content presentation and usability.
  7. Promote your course – internally and externally
    Have a plan for reaching your target audience – and communicate the goals and logistics of the program to everyone in your organization.
  8. Measure and evaluate results
    A post-lesson survey will help you figure out what you did right and what you can improve on.
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