The questions we hear most often

What course formats does the Opango LMS support

  • The Opango LMS supports most of the formats used by industry standard authoring tools such as:
  • Lectora, Articulate, Adobe, iSpring, etc.
  • The output of these authoring tools typically is a compressed folder that can be directly uploaded to the LMS under LMS control.
  • One can provide Opango with a course in Power Point plus all the elements such as videos, audios, test questions and answers, etc.
  • Opango can use these elements and construct the course for you that will run on the Opango LMS.
  • If you have existing courses in an industry standard format you can probably upload those directly to the Opango LMS.

Can I Administer our site?

  • Yes, each customer has 1 or more administrators that have access to user profiles, transcripts, and survey results

How long does it take to get a course online?

  • When the course is created with an industry standard Course Authoring Tool in a compatible format, it can be uploaded and executed immediately.
  • When the starts with a Power Point file, illustrations, voice, video, and other elements, contact Opango for an estimate. It usually takes only a few days. It depends on the complexity of the course.
  • Opango has instructional design resources for whatever is needed to complete courses

Is my content secure on the Opango LMS?

  • We will host your eLearning program in a Tier 3 secure data center in the US to protect your content.

How do I charge for my courses?

  • The Opango LMS uses PayPal for the ecommerce engine
  • Revenue is collected at time of purchase and deposited to your Pay Pal account at the point of sale.
  • Revenue can be split up for up to 5 receivers at the point of sale

Can I offer certifications?

  • Yes, a certificate can be available for any course.
  • For continuing education, the issuing authority must approve the course before a certificate can be included for it.

Can users take a survey?

  • Yes, surveys can be optional or required to complete a course
  • Aggregate survey results can be exported for the approving authority

How do I migrate an exiting course to Opango?

  • If the course is in an industry standard format, it can probably be directly uploaded to the Opango LMS
  • If not, contact Opango for analysis and repurposing.
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