Powerful. Versatile. Secure.

The Opango platform is designed for today’s eLearning needs – easy access and navigation, integration with all media formats, and is compatible with all mobile platforms. We also have all the extras you might need for your eLearning program; testing, progress tracking and certifications, reporting and analytics, along with many more.

Getting started is easy. Whether you are building a corporate training program or providing industry certifications, the versatility of the platform will simplify your life. And with the optional ecommerce plugin, your program can be a true revenue generator.

With experience in a wide range of industries, the Opango platform stays on the leading edge of cybersecurity with all client data stored in Tier 3 secure cloud servers. You can feel confident that your information is secure.

Let’s talk about the goals for your eLearning program.

We offer affordable eLearning solutions and online training systems for:
Continuing Education & Earning CEUs
Channel Certification & Training
Franchise Training
Corporate Training
Enterprise Product Training
Compliance Training
You can use the Opango player or use an industry standard authoring tool (how you turn your content into a course).

Publishing a course

Create a course with an authoring tool such as Lectora, Articulate, Adobe, ISpring, etc.

  • If you already have a course, or want to design and develop a course yourself, Opango is compatible with industry authoring tools.

Upload it to the LMS or let our service team do it for you.

  • Our development team can take your existing content and build the course for you.

Intelligent eLearning

  • Certificates: Award branded certificates for completed courses.
  • Navigation: Playback, pause or resume your online session upon sign-in from anywhere.
  • Quizzes and Final Test: Create graded quizzes and final tests with review options.
  • Survey Engine: Create online surveys and aggregate results, and export for reporting.
  • Coupon codes: Use your own promotional coupon codes to encourage customers to purchase courses.
  • Merchant Account: Instant payments at the point of sale – automatically split revenue with business partners. Merchant Accounts are paid through PayPal.com.
  • Transcript Maintenance: Store all your students’ transcripts online.
  • SCORM Compliant: Compatible w/ popular authoring tools: Lectora, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Storyboard, iSpring.
  • Mobile Responsive: All sites are Mobile Responsive, viewable on iPhone, Android phones, iPad, and Tablets.
  • Intuitive: Enjoy easy-to-use features within your dashboard and courses.
  • Role-based Permissions: Manage content in all sections, including your e-courses, user database and resource center content. Manually add users and user lists, or use bulk registration. Moderate forums and blogs.
  • Student Tracking: Track student progress, scores and status.
  • Unique URL: Connect learners to your company’s own personalized URL.
  • Analytics: View statistics for your URL.
  • Branded Site and Content: Provide a professional learning environment for your guests. The learning portal is built to work seamlessly with your company branding.
  • On-demand service: Access resources on your own schedule.
  • Instant Delivery: Provide convenient and immediate delivery of content to students.
  • Online Database: All information stored in a Tier 3 secure online database.

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Standards of Trust
Opango Clients Reviews

They helped turn our program into a live training system in very short order. Service after the sale is phenomenal, and the Opango team is not afraid to talk directly with our customers if necessary, to assure they utilize the programs effectively. If you’re wanting to make the jump to an internet-based education in an easy and affordable way, talk with Opango.

Thomas T.
Executive Director, ABS Air Safety Foundation

I strongly recommend you select Opango as your platform for your online training. Opango’s technology products, staff, and customer services are second-to-none. As a healthcare staffing company with clients nationwide we started online training to set us apart from our competitors.

Charlie Q.
HealthLinkRx, LLC

The Opango team are experts in e-learning. They are ‘out of the box’ thinkers and very creative when it comes to working with clients to help them achieve outstanding results. They have a consultative approach and truly understands the needs of their clients. They are committed to helping clients take their business to the next level.

Stu S.
Speaker, Author, Coach

Working with Opango has been a great experience; they are imaginative, passionate and enthusiastic, posing inventive solutions that facilitated our entry into online training. Opango’s staff worked with our team to develop new compliance training modules for HIPAA and the PCI Data Security Standard. I recommend Opango to any company looking at transitioning from a classroom setting and venturing onto the web.

Marius B.
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