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  • Tom Allen — CEO


    With more than two decades of facilitating, teaching, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Tom Allen, President/CEO of Opango, is dedicated to helping business professionals and entrepreneurs understand how to create a well thought-out executable business plan, a roadmap, to take their ideas and businesses to the next level.

    Tom brings a passion and energy to his presentation that empowers his audiences to understand their potential and devise strategies to identify their toughest business challenges and implement critical action plans that accelerate their sales cycles and maximize profits to greater levels.

    He has advised tech startups and established telecom business owners and executives to succeed where others have failed. Comfortable in the boardroom and also on the factory floor, he has led teams at all organizational levels and across many industries. He takes great joy in their successes.

    Tom’s specialty is collaborating with his clients to install business infrastructure, leadership methods, and management processes to achieve self-sustaining businesses that function smoothly, consistently, and profitably.

    Tom holds an Executive MBA from University of Florida and is an avid pilot. In his spare time Tom serves as a judge for Texas A&M, University of Texas at Dallas, and Lamar University Business Plan Competitions.

    Besides flying, his wife and children, one of Tom’s greatest passions is encouraging young entrepreneurs letting them know…“you can do it; you’re going to be okay!”

    Tom is available for speaking engagements. For more information, contact the Maxwell James Agency.

  • Mike Allen — Executive Vice President

    Mike Allen, Executive Vice President

    Mike has over eight years of experience with companies ranging from start-ups to well-established enterprises; his experiences include product management, sales and financial technical management. He has the vision and drive to facilitate Opango’s metamorphosis to a world leader within the learning market. Before joining Opango, Mike developed technical trading strategies and platforms for Privacy Capital Partners. Prior to Privacy Capital Partners, he led the sales effort for Axteo Solutions, an early stage global network security VAR (Value-Added Reseller). While there, he created and implemented sales strategies and built world-wide networks and product roadmaps.

    Mike Allen has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas.

  • Jim Rozell — Vice President of E-Learning Services

    Jim Rozell,
    Vice President of E-Learning Services

    Jim has extensive experience in product development, executive management and consulting, which will be of great benefit to Opango as it grows and expands.

    He held various positions in Engineering, including management positions, at Harris Corporation, developing computers and data communication equipment. He was a co-founder and Vice President of Product Development for ITC (Integrated Telecom) — a designer and manufacturer of telecommunication equipment.

    Jim was with Thomas Group for several years prior to joining Opango. Thomas Group provides consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and U.S. military commands to reduce time-to-market, improve quality, improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost and increase profit. For military commands, this usually means improving results and doing more with less money. Jim managed programs with billion dollar companies to improve results, and managed two programs with the U.S. Navy to increase productivity and reduce cost.

    Mr. Rozell has a BS degree in Mathematical Sciences with a concentration in Computer Science and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Dallas. He was also granted two U.S. patents related to computer design while with Harris Corporation.

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The Opango Learning Management System:
Training for the Future

Fueling Interactive Education

E-learning has transformed from an innovative idea into a real change in the way companies do business today. With online learning and training comes access to greater connectivity, personalized features and Web 2.0 technology. The future of education has arrived. Opango is blazing the trail, offering a cloud-based training and e-learning platform that gives you a more cost-effective way to achieve instructor-led training results — from anywhere. We work with our customers to create carefully planned and well-executed courses. We use the latest technological developments to simplify and streamline the learning process. And by incorporating valuable social networking tools, we allow you to create a community-learning environment. Opango gives you the ability to deliver training content effectively in a clean, consistent and brandable format that completely engages your learners. With our strong commitment to personal service and hands-on management, our highly skilled staff continually achieves excellent levels of client satisfaction. Opango offers a full range of online learning tools and support to meet your company’s knowledge management needs.

Global Content Management with Individualized Support

Training effectively is simple with reliable resources and support. Connect with Opango, and take advantage of the benefits of online education and cloud computing — accessibility, global reach and cost savings for your company or organization. Use student tracking, online testing systems and other tools that promote successful training and a deeper understanding of your customer base. Expand your users’ learning potential and grow your business.

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